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The Golden Skyline

Ever since I can remember I loved buildings. I grew up in a small town in middle America where our skyline consisted of one 14 story building. I LOVED that building. I was obsessed with it. When I went to college in Oklahoma I was close to Oklahoma City and what? They had like 7 tall buildings! I was in heaven. But when my buddies who had moved out to Los Angeles invited me for come check it out for a weekend - my heart and eyes almost burst when I saw the skyline. Holy smokes! It was incredible and constantly growing! I still get a little excited when I catch the LA skyline in my eye site.

Then I traveled to New York City, and all around the United States - went to Amsterdam and Paris and my creative pallet grew and grew and grew.

My love for buildings has never ceased or waned. I find myself always painting buildings. I'll set out to paint something else, but buildings always creep in. There is always peace and calm when I paint or draw buildings. Making the windows is my favorite part!

My beautiful wife came home last week with a set of acrylic paint and some black canvases. She had an idea for her budding business (The Modern Los Angeles Doula) however, I instantly knew what I wanted to paint with these awesome materials. Talk about having an image in your head and making it come alive on the canvas! This is what I saw in my head. And they look better in person. The golds, metallic silvers and rose gold colors really pop against the black canvas. They're really cool.

It reminds me of the importance of good materials making the art better. I have been a photographer for over a decade and I've learned the right equipment produces high quality work. It's important to have a dope location, high quality clothes, and solid lighting to make a really good photograph. Same with art. Good paint, dope canvases and THEN a creative idea executed well - when all those things line up - that's where the magic happens.

Check out these originals in the Shop. Once the originals are sold, we'll be able to reproduce prints and canvas prints. They look great by themselves or together!

Make the world a more beautiful place!



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