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Supplies for Virtual Art Nite

Virtual Art Nites are a creative avenue to socializing and bringing out your inner artist all at the same time.

Want to paint with us but live in another state other than California? Do you have all the supplies, but want to make sure you have everything? Just want to pick up your own supplies, cuz going to Michaels Arts and Craft store is super fun? I get it! Below is a supply list of what you will need to have a successful Virtual Art Nite.

Here are the supplies (and then some) that we will be using for Virtual Art Nite.


These canvases are great for beginners and more advanced artists. 16x20 is just big enough to make you feel like you're painting something grand, but small enough to complete a painting in a short amount of time.


Craft Smart® All Purpose Brush Set These brushes that can be used once or multiple times I find these brushes to be more than sufficient for Virtual Art Nite.


Acrylic Paint Value Pack by Craft Smart® Feel free to look around Michael's website and see if you want to try a different kind of paint... like Neon or Metallic perhaps? PALLET

A paper plate is more than sufficient to act as a Pallet for Virtual Art Nite


Make sure you have a cup for water nearby to wash out your brushes. This should be a cup you don't mind never using again, as it may be ruined by the acrylic paint.


Make sure to have plenty of paper towels handy to clean up spills and dry off brushes. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out! Marc

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