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Saying Hello & Goodbye

I'll be honest ... I've only been in the art game seriously for a short time. It's been like a long lost lover to me for years. Every once in a while it would pop in, say hello, tickle my fancy and then be on it's way. This time it's gotten serious. She, (Art), has stayed longer than ever before. Shone potential, and success, and teased me enough to make me want to do my best and stick around. I find myself doing things not out of obligation or hesitance, but with passion and willingness as creativity flows out of me. It's a beautiful process and fun to participate in first hand.

Art and I had a love child early on - it was my first taste at a large work. I loved it. Fell in love with it. Coveted it. Showed it off, shared it with friends and family like one proud parent does with a child. It was this piece embedded above, creatively named "Red Buildings Blue Sky"

So being fairly new, many firsts are happening. And selling this large chunk of my soul was a new emotion. Sadness, pride, separation anxiety - all emotions which have come up since I let go of this infamous artwork.

This painting was a peace offering to my then girlfriend, now wife. A sign of hope, love, peace, and creativity in a momentary relapse of turmoil. It held an intricate role in our relationship and seeing the growth, and enlightenment, and togetherness we have accomplished since the creation and offering of this painting gives me ease knowing that this was only a symbol of our love. The physical piece can now live else where and inspire all those who come across it's mighty path - for it has done it's due diligence here and made it's impact in ways we don't even know yet.

Melissa, I hope this painting brings you as much joy, creativity, inspiration and conversation as it has for me.



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