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"Marshall Law" - Digital Illustration

I deleted my Instagram account (@marcblackwellart) and my then Twitter handle, (@marcblackwell). My life and my artwork were suffering from the obsession that social media creates. I thought I was above all that - hell, I started online when Blogger was a thing. My wife and I were "friends" on MySpace. However, social media has become a distraction, an obsession, and an unhealthy outlet. I haven't looked back since deleting them last summer. My life is substantially better without the constant need for likes, or holding my phone recording a video in one hand, and a paintbrush in the other. Now I can just paint without recording. Draw without messing up my lines because I'm not watching myself draw through a tiny screen.

But I miss y'all. What is art if not to be seen? My art has been sitting in closets, behind bookshelves, and on hard drives just hiding in the dark. Part of me is missing by not sharing my work. Even 13 hearts on Instagram meant 13 of y'all saw and appreciated the art. On Twitter the occasional interactions between fellow artists were grand!

Oh yeah, I have a blog. Does anyone blog anymore?

Do I start a YouTube channel? is that possible without sharing links to Instagram and Twitter? Do I just suck it up and be a responsible almost 40-year-old adult and get some accounts, post my shit on there, and avoid the bull?

Thanks for listening to me rant. 11 visitors came to this site in the last 30 days. 6 of those were probably me. I appreciate y'all.

Marshall Law

This piece was created with Art Studio Pro on the 12.9-inch 5th Generation iPad Pro. I don't know if that's important, but other artists seem to enjoy the specs so there ya go. The gallery below shows the steps I took to create this piece. First, draw everything with black ink. Then create an Artifically Intillgent image using an app called Wonder. Then position the image, tweak the opaqueness and coloring, and lay your lines on top. Create a color palette from the AI image and start coloring! I use the paint bucket fill tool as well as the marker brush and watercolor brushes to achieve shading and more specific coloring techniques.

Have a good one!


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