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Drawing Classes with Marc!

While our children navigate this world, it is healthy for them to have multiple ways to express themselves. Equipping them with the tools of art helps them process, communicate and connect with others. As school starts back up around the United States everything looks different. A lot of times art is overlooked in schools.


Join me as I conduct age appropriate virtual drawing classes straight from my studio to your child's device. The classes last 8 weeks and are interactive, engaging and fun. Supplies include paper, crayons and pencils and there are simple voluntary "homework" assignments each week.

I'm even offering a painting class!

I come from a long line of educators, including my grandparents who worked as teachers and administrators their entire lives as well as my father, who had an amazing long career as a caring elementary school teacher for 35+ years. Teaching is in my blood and I'm excited to expand the reaches of art and inspire the next generation to use the powerful tools available within them.

Give your kid the opportunity to be creative. You'll thank me later. ;)


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