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Deaf Man's Favor

“Deaf Man’s Favor” Original Acrylic Painting

While set up at the farmers market the past couple months I’ve ran into some very interesting characters.

One gentleman in particular caught my interest. An older (70s?) Asian man would always slowly stroll by, look at every piece of mine, nod, and keep walking. I always tried to engage “hello sir!” I would call out, but no response. I chalked it up to an age and cultural difference and thought nothing more of it.

Until last week. When he walked by like normal, I smiled, nodded, he examined all my art on display, nodded, and walked on. But I followed him with my eyes to see where he was going. He strolled over to a picnic table by the river and sat down. I got busy, distracted and just thought he was enjoying a lunch or a nap.

About an hour later he strolled back by, pushing his cart in front of him. He stopped at my booth and for a few moments time stood still. He pulled out a pad of watercolor paper and started showing me paintings he had just created of the river! They were incredible! Detailed! Vibrant! I was totally taken off guard. I asked his name, and he pulled out a card from his vest which said “I am deaf. My name is ...”

He pointed to this painting and with a very broken accent said “this is the best one”. I smiled. Nodded. Signaled “thank you” and shook his hand. He disappeared and my life was changed forever.

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