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"1030" Was Created in a 5x8 Moleskin using TUL Pens, Pilot G2 0.38 Pen, #2 Pencil, Pastels, Bic Craft 1.6mm, Target Brand Markers, and love.

OWN THE ORIGINAL! I'll rip it right outta the sketchbook for the right price. NAME YOUR OFFER!

OWN A SIGNED PRINT! Purchase THIS NFT and YOU will receive a SIGNED 5"x7" PRINT in an 11x14 Black Picture Frame shipped ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

Unlock the High-Resolution JPEG + a High-Resolution JPEG Wide shot of the Sketchbook it was drawn within. Also, get a 5-second Loopsie Video and 52 Second 3D Rendering... pretty trippy stuff!

This is the FIRST Piece in THE DOODLES COLLECTION by Marc Blackwell. Grab it while it's hot!


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