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Marc Blackwell's Submission for
4th Street Bridge Mural

Untitled_Artwork 7.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 6.jpg

Before beginning the conceptual art for this amazing space, I traveled downtown from my Reseda home and checked out the wall in person. While I've been a Los Angeles resident for 16 years and I have always loved the artist district and frequently visit often. I wanted to experience the very near surroundings of the bridge and sense the energy coming from the wall.

Here is a short video I put on my TikTok manifesting this project.

I also wanted to incorporate my findings from the wall in the new piece. Keep a little bit of the history. So my color palette for the piece above was used from these colors from the wall.


Los Angeles is my city. The Art's District has always embodied the creative soul that makes this town what it is. It would be my honor to enhance the district with more original, Los Angeles based artwork. 

I am very outgoing and like to engage the community while I work. I run several kid's and adult classes and when I'm out and about working I engage with everyone. All Los Angelenos who are lucky enough to pass by while I'm working on this piece would be involved if they so chose.

Thank you for the consideration.


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